Generation AI will open doors so that you can help solve problems of natioinal importance, be considered for internships and jobs, and drive the development of the AI economy.

Everyone is invited—across disciplines, across industry, across the country.

Current AI job candidates in the world
Current open AI positions in the United States
Projected shortfall of data scientists in the United States next decade

"In the past industrial revolutions, America led with technological advances and retrained the workforce and became a dominant power. But while the U.S. should be making technical advances in AI and leading workforce re-engineering of people skills, there's a lot more competition now. And we're not going to succeed just based upon our past merits. From school age through college, and into public service and work, we should give students the AI tools to reinvent themselves— so they can be the data analytics, machine-learning leaders of the world. Success will require the whole community."

Rich Byrne
Senior Vice President, Center for Programs and Technology
The MITRE Corporation

Reaching out to Gen AI
Gen AI is the generation that knows most questions are a Google search away, the generation that has never lived without a smartphone. They are the next generation of AI practitioners and researchers.
Yet many of them shy away from STEM
All too many members of this generation are also shying away from science, technology, engineering, and math careers. We need to work together to interest more students in STEM fields by introducing AI across disciplines and grade levels.
To this end, The MITRE Corporation has created Gen AI
Gen AI gets the next generation of AI practitioners excited about the field before their careers start. We support classroom activities and hackathons to introduce practice, tools and community.

15-minute interview with Dr. Michael Balazs, the lead for Generation AI, about the goals and benefits of this initiative
"The question became how do we expand AI to every discipline? How do we make it so it impacts the entire workforce? That's really where Generation AI was born out of, and that's what we're trying to do. We want to expose every student independent of their field of study to the power of AI multiple times in their academic career."